Father playing Fortnite

Who are PWARAF

PWARAF (Parents's Who Are Rubbish At Fortnite) offer support for those poor parents who try and stay cool and relevant by playing computer games badly often embarrasing their children.

It is our aim to eradicate the fear of playing as a n00b and to instill confidence in every player, even those who camp.

There are two ways to take part in this years event

Run with your own secured place through the ballot. With this there is no set fundrasing target for runners. We still provide support and training advice.

You can also apply for one of PWARAF's guaranteed Golden Bond places. We ask that you raise a minimum of £1,500 as a PWARAF Golden Bond runner.

Whether you are running as a Golden Bond or Ballot Place runner, your support ensures parents don't have to use the n00b skins again. The struggle is real.

As part of the team

Every registered runner will recieve:-